August 8

International Cat Day seems like the purrfect day to adopt! Show us your new cat BFFs in the comments!


August 15

Share pictures of your best friends today.


August 26

Go outside? Go for a ride? Snuggle on the couch? How are you celebrating National Dog Day?


Have you heard of FortiFlora

Have you heard of FortiFlora? Shelter pets transitioning to a new forever home may experience stress. Learn how FortiFlora can help.


Did you know you should transition

Did you know you should transition your pet's new food over 7-10 days to avoid digestive upset? #PurinaPartner

Tips for Successful Housetraining for Adopters

Making a dog’s transition into a new home stress-free will set everyone up for success. Print this tip sheet to hand out to new adopters.

We asked adopters

We asked adopters what shelter pets brought to their lives. The answer was pretty unanimous.


July 1-4

Fireworks for the fourth are fun for humans, but not so much for a lot of pets.


July 4

Happy Independence Day!


July 15

On Pet Fire Safety Day, make sure rescuers know that you have pets in your home. (You can order a window cling for free from the ASPCA!)


July 30

Celebrate International Day of Friendship with your best friend.


Fecal Scoring Chart

Fecal consistency is based on the amount of moisture in the dog or cat’s stool. By scoring the consistency, it can help you identify changes in health. Use this chart to help understand the health of the animals in your care.