Digital Asset Management for Nonprofits

Do you know where your digital assets are and how to manage them? Here’s a checklist and some best practices for managing the digital assets at your shelter.

Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen and Mutt-i-grees with Purina ONE help bring shelter dogs into classrooms and libraries. We all believe pets and kids are better together! #ProudPurinaPartner 


Keeping your newly adopted pet

Keeping your newly adopted pet on the same food makes feeding easier for you, minimizes digestive upset, and reduces stress. #PurinaPartner

Introducing a new cat

Introducing a new cat into a home with cats can be tricky. If you already have an adult cat, help make the transition as smooth as possible. #PurinaPartner

September 24-30

It's National Dog Week! Tell us how you're celebrating your favorite pooches in the comments below. #PurinaPartner

Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week

It's Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week! We think ALL adoptable pets are pretty special. Show us yours in the comments! #PurinaPartner

National Guide Dog Month

It's National Guide Dog Month! Did you know there are amazing guide dogs out there that were once in shelters? #PurinaPartner

August 8

International Cat Day seems like the purrfect day to adopt! Show us your new cat BFFs in the comments!


August 15

Share pictures of your best friends today.


August 26

Go outside? Go for a ride? Snuggle on the couch? How are you celebrating National Dog Day?


10 Tips for Optimizing Your Website for Search Engines (SEO)

Check out the simple things you can do (for free!) to make sure you’re getting the most traffic to your website.

Have you heard of FortiFlora

Have you heard of FortiFlora? Shelter pets transitioning to a new forever home may experience stress. Learn how FortiFlora can help.