Food Recommendation Tip Sheet

High-quality, properly fed nutrition matters—for your shelter pets AND for you. Adopters trust you and look to you for guidance during the adoption process. Learn why recommending consistent nutrition is so important, and how to make your recommendation to all of your adopters.

Month of September Happy Cat

Try introducing a new game to your cat to celebrate Happy, Healthy Cat Month.


Month of September Pet Food

Quality is as important for pets as it is for people. Do you know where your pet food comes from?


September 28 Vaccinations

You can help prevent the spread of rabies with simple vaccinations for your pets.


September 18-24 Deaf Dog

In honor of Deaf Dog Awareness Week, here’s a fun fact you may not know about deaf dogs.


September 18-24 Dog Week

Dog Week is here! Share pictures of your pups and share the love all week long.


September 11 Grandparents

Did someone say it’s Grandparents Day??


September 5 Charity

International Day of Charity is the perfect day to volunteer with pets!


September 4 pets Rock

Oh, it’s Pets Rock Day? Sounds like Stating the Obvious Day to us.


Month August Back to School

It’s back-to-school time. Don’t forget to ease your pets into their new routines, too.


Month of August Immunization

It’s Immunization Awareness Month. Is your family up-to-date on shots?



Even under the best of conditions, pets in your care may be stressed because of an unfamiliar environment or dietary changes. This can cause the GI system to be upset and out of balance. FortiFlora is a breakthrough probiotic supplement designed to support digestive health, and can help support GI and immune health while you find your adoptable pets their forever homes.