Herd Health for Shelters and Rescues

Did you know? Disease control programs not only reduce disease and suffering in the animals in your care, but also reduce overall shelter expenses and average length of stay while increasing adoptability, staff and employee morale, and overall lives saved. Regardless of the size or budget of your sheltering organization, you can develop an effective disease control program by using and adapting the resources you already have.

DIY Spooktacular

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Don't fall for any tricks

Don’t fall for any tricks!


October 31 costume

Show us your pet costumes! Unless, of course, your pet prefers not to dress up—nothing wrong with celebrating Halloween au naturel!


October 29 American Staffordshire

Today we celebrate the American Staffordshire Terrier, a friendly, intelligent and loyal family member in waiting.


October 29 National Cat Day

It’s National Cat Day! On Caturday! Purrfect.


October 5 Healthy Weight

Do you know how to tell if your pet is at a healthy weight? Try a healthy hug!



October 1 National Walk Your Dog Day

Happy National Walk Your Dog Day! You know what to do…


Week of October 9-15

This week, we celebrate all the wonderful vet techs who help us keep our beloved pets happy and healthy!


Month of October - National Animal Safety

It’s National Animal Safety & Protection Month. Are your pets properly identified?


Month of October Adopt a Shelter Dog

Did someone say it’s Adopt a Shelter Dog Month?


Don't forget treats

Don’t forget treats for your four-legged friends, too!