Digital Asset Management for Nonprofits

Do you know where your digital assets are and how to manage them? Here’s a checklist and some best practices for managing the digital assets at your shelter.

Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen and Mutt-i-grees with Purina ONE help bring shelter dogs into classrooms and libraries. We all believe pets and kids are better together! #ProudPurinaPartner 


Keeping your newly adopted pet

Keeping your newly adopted pet on the same food makes feeding easier for you, minimizes digestive upset, and reduces stress. #PurinaPartner

Introducing a new cat

Introducing a new cat into a home with cats can be tricky. If you already have an adult cat, help make the transition as smooth as possible. #PurinaPartner

September 24-30

It's National Dog Week! Tell us how you're celebrating your favorite pooches in the comments below. #PurinaPartner

Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week

It's Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week! We think ALL adoptable pets are pretty special. Show us yours in the comments! #PurinaPartner

National Guide Dog Month

It's National Guide Dog Month! Did you know there are amazing guide dogs out there that were once in shelters? #PurinaPartner