Pet Nutrition Myths Busted

Adopters look to you for facts about pet nutrition. Let’s bust some of the common myths and get to the facts.

Pets aren't in shelters because they're broken

Pets aren’t in shelters because they’re broken. They are pets that need and appreciate love as much as any animal. Find someone special at your local shelter. #ProudPurinaPartner

Dec 31

Fireworks aren’t for everyone. If your pets seems nervous, make sure they have a safe place and distract them with puzzle toys when things get a little noisy. #PurinaPartner

It's fun to tear open presents

It’s fun to tear open presents, but ribbons, bows and wrapping paper can harm pets. #PurinaPartner

Dec 25

With gifts, sometimes it’s the box that counts. #PurinaPartner

Dec 13-20

For those who celebrate, we’re wishing you a pawsitively amazing festival of lights. #PurinaPartner

Dec 2

Mixed breeds can give us the best of everything and have so ‘mutts’ love to give. Share a pic of your pawsome mixed-breed! #PurinaPartner

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