On winter walks

On winter walks, your pet can track through harmful chemicals from ice melt or antifreeze. Be sure to wipe pets’ feet when you get home. #PurinaParter

Purina for Professionals

If you’re a shelter employee, you can get special professional pricing and home delivery on a variety of quality Purina products for your pets.

It's more than just a fashion statement

It’s more than just a fashion statement. For breeds with naturally thin coats, a sweater can help keep pets comfortable in the cold. #PurinaPartner

Pets need exercise

Pets need exercise in winter, too. Figure out some fun, stimulating indoor activities you can do to keep your pet healthy and active. #PurinaPartner

Jan 24

It’s National Change a Pet’s Life Day. Give a little love and see how much more you get back. #PurinaPartner

January 22

It’s National Answer Your Cat’s Question Day. Take a little extra time and try to figure out what they’re really asking for. #PurinaPartner

January 6

It’s National Cuddle Up Day. Get to it and post a picture of how you snuggle, cuddle, bundle, nuzzle or curl up with your amazing shelter pet. #PurinaPartner

January 1 2018

Wishing you a happy, healthy new year full of love. #PurinaPartner