Bringing home a new pet can be intimidating

Bringing home a new pet can be intimidating. Here are some great tips on how to introduce a new dog to your home:


Does your organization need supplies

Does your organization need supplies? Print and distribute this wish list to let donors know exactly what you need most.

Time for a little spring cleaning

Time for a little spring cleaning? Even “natural” cleaning products can contain chemicals that can be harmful. Keeping them out of reach of pets can save their lives. #PurinaPartner

As you spend more time outdoors or in the park

As you spend more time outdoors or in the park, there’s more opportunity for your pets to wander. Be sure they’re wearing a tag with your contact information. #PurinaPartner

Everyone's looking forward to warmer weather

Everyone’s looking forward to warmer weather. If your pet is going to spend more time outdoors, it’s a great time to make sure they’re on a flea and tick control program. #PurinaPartner

March 30 2018

It’s National Take a Walk in a Park Day. Now that spring is here, get some fresh air and check out the excitement at your local park. #PurinaPartner

March 23 2018

It’s National Puppy Day! Head down to your local shelter and take home some of the cuteness! #PurinaPartner

March 17 2018

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! When you adopt, you’ll understand it’s not just the pet who got lucky. #PurinaPartner

March 1 2018

It’s National Peanut Butter Lovers Day! Whether it’s a spoonful, a dab or a little bit stuffed in a puzzle toy, it’s the perfect time to grab some pet-friendly peanut butter and let them show their love. #PurinaPartner