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Purina Shelter Champions® has worked with our team of experts to compile tip sheets to help you achieve our shared goal - finding more pets their forever homes.

Simply browse through all of our tip sheets below, or use the topics to the left if you're looking for something specific. You can choose to read articles or get a PDF to save or print.

Canine Body Condition Chart

Are the dogs in your care at a healthy weight? It’s easy to do a quick assessment just by running your fingers over their ribcage. Check out this chart to help you determine.

Creating a PayPal Donate Button on Facebook

Donations are key to most animal welfare organizations’ success, so your social media efforts should support this in a way that is simple for everyone and keeps donations top of mind for your audience. In this video, learn how to create the code for the PayPal Donate button and place it on your Facebook page. This simple task can help drive increased donations with just a few clicks for your followers.

Creating Custom Tabs on Facebook

You can expand the functionality of your Facebook page a great deal by adding custom tabs. These are sections of content that can hold pretty much anything you can think of: adoptable pet lists, donation buttons or pages, adoption applications, and more. The process for installing these tabs is fairly long and somewhat complex, but in this video, we'll walk through it together, step by step. You'll also learn how to create a dynamic scrolling list of your adoptable animals from Petfinder, so you only have to update your animals in one place, and it will automatically update everywhere!

Litter Box Training Help

Litter box issues are a leading factor in why cats are returned to shelters, so here are some tips & tricks to share with new adopters to help ease their transition home.

Herd Health for Shelters and Rescues

Did you know? Disease control programs not only reduce disease and suffering in the animals in your care, but also reduce overall shelter expenses and average length of stay while increasing adoptability, staff and employee morale, and overall lives saved. Regardless of the size or budget of your sheltering organization, you can develop an effective disease control program by using and adapting the resources you already have.

Food Recommendation Tip Sheet

High-quality, properly fed nutrition matters—for your shelter pets AND for you. Adopters trust you and look to you for guidance during the adoption process. Learn why recommending consistent nutrition is so important, and how to make your recommendation to all of your adopters.


Even under the best of conditions, pets in your care may be stressed because of an unfamiliar environment or dietary changes. This can cause the GI system to be upset and out of balance. FortiFlora is a breakthrough probiotic supplement designed to support digestive health, and can help support GI and immune health while you find your adoptable pets their forever homes.

Take Advantage of Your Petfinder™ Member Benefits

Being a Petfinder Pro member comes with amazing opportunities to network, raise money and ultimately help more adoptable pets find homes. Don't miss out on your full membership benefits.

Help More of Your Dogs Find Homes

From photos to descriptions, what you include when you post your adoptable pets online determines how interested families will be. Optimize your efforts to help find more dogs more forever homes!

Tips for Fundraising Via Social Media

Online giving has increased each year. In 2014, it increased 8.9% to a whopping $2 billion.* So how can you take advantage of online donations, and how is the process different from offline donations?

All-in-One Social Media Image Size Guide

It’s hard enough to get the perfect shot to tell your story, but then you upload it, and your cat’s head is cut off! Every social network has different size requirements when it comes to images. If you want to make the most impact, your images need to be sized properly for each platform, and that can take a little extra work. This handy guide will tell you exactly what size images you need to produce for the four major social networks, and give you a few handy tips, too.

Choosing Appropriate Social Media Platforms

Millions of Americans use social media every single day. Though the platforms and devices will change over time, there’s no getting around the fact that social media has fundamentally changed the way people communicate with each other. We must join the conversation, but how? With limited resources, how do you know in which platforms you should invest your valuable time and energy?