Pet Photography Tips

A great pet photograph has the power to capture hearts, while a poor image (or no image at all) can result in a pet being passed over. Let our experts help you with everything from lighting to backgrounds to finding the right camera for the job. One great picture can make all the difference, and help each pet find a forever home.

Tips for Photographing Black Animals

Black pets can be hard to photograph, but here are some great tips for capturing these beauties in the perfect light!

Photo Studio Makeover

Think your shelter hasn't got enough time, space or money for the perfect photo setup? Think again! With a few hundred dollars, a space the size of a utility closet and a little bit of assembly, you could have a go-to spot for all of your pet photography needs. Remember - investing in good photos now will help you adopt out hundreds of pets in the future!

Shelter Pet Photography 101

It can be quite a challenge to photograph animals, but a good picture changes perceptions of shelter pets and helps cats and dogs find their forever homes. Having photographed thousands of adoptable pets across the country, award-winning photographer Nanette Martin shares her secrets to capturing hearts with great pictures.

Camera Shopping 101

You can’t take a single picture if you don’t have a camera. While lighting could be considered the MOST important part of taking a good photo (heck, with the right lighting, a cellphone camera can do the trick!), investing in the right camera now can help you show off all of your adoptable pets for years to come. Before you hit the store, here are some things to know to help you make the perfect purchase.

The Art of Photographing Cats

Whether trying to snap a picture of your own cat, or photograph an adoptable cat at your shelter or rescue, you’ve probably noticed how hard it can be to get the RIGHT shot. Photographing cats is inherently more difficult than photographing dogs, but capturing an emotionally compelling image that shows the cat’s unique personality is key to increasing feline adoptions. Learn how to perfect your next cat photo with these helpful tips from Nanette Martin.

How to Create the Best Light for Photographing Shelter Pets

By its very definition, photography is drawing with light-so it should come as no surprise that lighting is the single most important element of capturing the perfect pet photo. Whether you're photographing shelter dogs outside, or working with pets in an indoor studio, here are the most important lighting tips you need to show off your adoptable pets in their best light.