Tips Presented by Petfinder

Petfinder is the largest online pet adoption site, bringing millions of potential adopters to your posted pets each month. Learn how to optimize your posts and simplify sharing your posted pets, plus discover all the benefits of being a Petfinder Pro member.

5 Tips For Successfully Engaging Volunteers

Volunteers can be wonderful assets to your organization. The success of your volunteer program relies on a strong foundation. Engaging them thoughtfully and strategically can dramatically increase your results.

5 Tips to Find That Chip!

In the summer, we’re all a little more active. Spending more time outdoors might mean more pets wandering off. It’s important to scan pets for microchips during intake to see if they already have a home. Here are 5 great tips for finding that chip!

Take Advantage of Your Petfinder™ Member Benefits

Being a Petfinder Pro member comes with amazing opportunities to network, raise money and ultimately help more adoptable pets find homes. Don't miss out on your full membership benefits.

How to Increase Adoptions with Petfinder™

Navigating the right approach to posting adoptable animals online can seem intimidating. Feel confident in your ability to increase adoption success with the tips from Petfinder Pro (plus some handy links for more information).