Help More of Your Dogs Find Homes

From photos to descriptions, what you include when you post your adoptable pets online determines how interested families will be. Optimize your efforts to help find more dogs more forever homes!

All-in-One Social Media Image Size Guide

It’s hard enough to get the perfect shot to tell your story, but then you upload it, and your cat’s head is cut off! Every social network has different size requirements when it comes to images. If you want to make the most impact, your images need to be sized properly for each platform, and that can take a little extra work. This handy guide will tell you exactly what size images you need to produce for the four major social networks, and give you a few handy tips, too.

Help More of Your Cats Find Homes

Cats might rule the internet, but how you post adoptable cats really determines how interested families will be. From photos to descriptions, purrfect your efforts to help find more cats more forever homes!

Social Media Best Practices

Connecting with potential adopters, donors and volunteers online can help develop lasting relationships. Learn the basics of social engagement, and you'll help more pets find homes, help increase donations and help find awesome volunteers.