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Purina Proud Posts

As your partner, we want to help provide education around nutrition and pet care. These posts will help showcase the benefits pets and their parents receive when using Purina products.

  • As the weather heats up, hydration is more important than ever.

  • If you have an active dog, he may require more protein to feed his alway-moving lifestyle.

  • If your veterinarian has diagnosed your pet with food sensitivities or intolerances, be sure to ask about special diets to help.

  • The first year is critical to your puppy’s development.

  • Make meal time stress-free and comfortable for your kitten.

  • Treats are a great way to create a bond, but remember to give in moderation.

  • Sharing food is a sign of affection, but not all people food is safe for your dog.

  • In addition to exercise, a high-quality diet can help keep your pet at an ideal weight all year long.

  • Did you know? Most puppies should eat puppy food for one year, while large-breed puppies should stay on specialized puppy nutrition for up to two years.

  • Did you know? Most kittens should eat kitten food for one year, while large-breed kittens should continue eating specialized kitten nutrition for 18-24 months.

  • We're proud to feed our adoptable pets high-quality Purina nutrition. (They love it, too!)

  • Our pets are ready for snuggles with someone like you!

  • Did you know? Kittens just might try to snack on litter, and clumping litter can cause blockages. 

  • You wouldn't want to use a dirty bathroom, right? To avoid litter box problems, scoop daily!

  • Stress & change may cause a little digestive upset for your pet. Ask your veterinarian if Purina® Pro Plan® Veterinary Diets FortiFlora® can help return things to normal.

  • Playtime is an important time to bond with your dog. Good nutrition helps support energy levels.

  • Playtime is an important time to bond with your cat. Good nutrition helps support energy levels.

Helpful Tips Posts

Once pets are adopted, we can continue to develop relationships with families by providing simple training and overall behavior tips. We can also help potential adopters feel comfortable with adopting by providing ideas on what to expect when they bring a new pet home. These posts help grow those relationships and reassure your adopters that we’re here to support them.

  • Did you know? Dogs with short noses are prone to overheating. 

  • Planning some summer camping? Sounds like the perfect trip to share with your dog!

  • Grooming is an essential part of pet care.

  • Spring showers bring more than just flowers....

  • Did you know? Pets can have seasonal allergies, too!

  • Crate training your puppy gives him a safe place to retreat.

  • Kittens sleep up to 16 hours a day! A comfy spot to sleep is important.

  • When showing your pet affection, remember to respect their boundaries.

  • Snow day? Take your dog with you when you head out to play!

  • A game of ‘catch the dot’ can help keep your kitty active this winter.

  • Cold weather playtime tip: Despite their fur coats, dogs get chilled, too. Watch for these signs.

  • Drafty house? When you’re gone for the day, be sure your cat has access to blankets and warm spots.

  • When dogs meet for the first time, introduce them while both are on leashes, preferably on neutral territory, like a park.

  • Cats are naturally inclined to use the litter box. Make it easy by keeping the litter box accessible.

  • Use positive reinforcement when housetraining your dog, not punishment. 

  • Want your cat to come when called? Associating positive rewards with your cat’s name will help.

  • Sitting around the house all day can be boring. Be sure to give your dog play time and exercise every day! 

  • When you bring home a new cat, it’s normal for her to hide for a bit. Give her time to get used to her new surroundings.

  • When you bring home a new dog, be careful not to overwhelm him with attention. He needs time to adjust.

Seasonal Posts

Every month, we’ll feature traditional and fun pet-related holiday and seasonal posts that you can share. Some of these posts need to be made on specific days, so just look at the dates given in the titles to know when to post.

  • August 6

    Treat your pets to a dental health treat you'll both love to celebrate National Fresh Breath Day!

  • August 8

    From seizure detection to assisting the blind, assistance dogs help make the world a happier, healthier place.

  • August 8

    Looking to add a feline friend to your family? International Cat Day seems like the purrfect day to adopt!

  • August 15

    Share pictures of your best friends today.

  • August 17

    Did you know? Black cats are often overlooked at shelters. We certainly don't understand why!

  • August 26

    Go outside? Go for a ride? Snuggle on the couch? No matter how you celebrate, enjoy every minute of National Dog Day!

  • Month of August

    It's back-to-school time. Don't forget to ease your pets into their new routines, too.

  • Month of August

    It's Immunization Awareness Month. Is your family up-to-date on shots?

  • July 4

    Happy Independence Day!

  • July 15

    On Pet Fire Safety Day, make sure rescuers know that you have pets in your home.
    (You can order a window cling for free from the ASPCA!)

  • July 30

    Celebrate International Day of Friendship with your best friend.

  • July 31

    Today’s the day to celebrate your favorite mutt!

  • Month of June

    Thinking of adopting a new feline friend? Meow’s the time!

  • Month of June

    Say “Treats!” It’s National Smile Month!

  • June 5 - 11

    Pets bring so many amazing things to our lives. They deserve some extra appreciation this week!

  • June 4

    It’s International Hug Your Cat Day. Who are we to say no?

  • June 12

    On World Pet Memorial Day, take a moment to remember the wonderful pets we’ve loved and lost.

  • June 19

    Happy Father’s Day to all the pawesome dads out there!

  • June 20

    The first day of summer is also the longest day of the year. Hmmmm…

  • June 27

    It’s Take Your Dog to Work Day! Time to get down to business.

  • Month of May

    If you haven’t microchipped your pets yet, now is the perfect time! Ensure they’ll always find their way home.

  • May 1 - 7

    Hugs, walks, car rides, trips to the park … how are you celebrating National Pet Week?

  • May 1 - 7

    It’s National Be Kind to Animals Week! Or, in our world, Be Even Kinder to Animals Week.

  • May 3

    Extra special pets bring extra special love to their forever homes.

  • May 8

    To all moms everywhere, thank you for all you do!

  • May 30

    Thank you to those who have served our country.

  • April 10 - 17

    It's National Pet ID Week! Keep your pets safe and ensure they have proper identification at all times.

  • April 26

    There's no sweeter relationship than kids and their pets.

  • March 17

    Got the luck of the Irish on your side?

  • March 23

    It’s National Puppy Day, also known as National AWWWWWWWWW Day.

  • Month of March

    Discover why complete & balanced nutrition matters for your pets:

  • February 14

    Share an extra snuggle with your furry Valentine today.

  • February 20

    It’s Love Your Pet Day. Sounds like the perfect time to adopt a new love!

  • February

    February is National Spay/Neuter Month! Help us help pets by spreading the word.

  • February

    This month, we celebrate our adopters & all responsible pet owners!

  • February

    It’s National Pet Dental Health Month – the purrfect time to schedule a cleaning with your vet.

  • January 1

    Start the year with extra love - adopt a shelter pet!

  • January 24

    It’s Change a Pet’s Life Day. Sounds like a perfect day to adopt.

  • Month of January

    Try teaching your dog a new trick this month!

  • Month of January

    Even if it’s chilly out, January is Walk Your Pet Month, so grab that leash!

  • December 7

    Wishing those who celebrate Hanukkah a pawfect 8 days and nights.

  • December 22

    It’s the first day of winter! Remember: Don’t leave your furry friends out in the cold.

  • December 25

    We hope you have a furtastic holiday celebration!

  • December 31

    Enjoy your celebration tonight, but don’t forget to keep your pets inside.

  • Month of November

    To our furry friends with a little extra white in their fur and a little more wisdom in their eyes, happy Senior Pet Month.

  • November 3-9, 2015

    It's National Animal Shelter & Rescue Appreciation Week! Consider donating, volunteering, or spreading the word about adoptable pets.

  • November 26, 2015

    Thank you to our staff, volunteers and adopters for all that you do.

  • Month of October

    October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month! Help us spread the word about all of the adorable canines awaiting forever homes.

  • October 29

    Happy National Cat Day! We suggest buying yourself something nice so your cat can enjoy the box.

  • Month of October

    It's National Pet Wellness Month, and the perfect time to make sure your pets have their annual exams booked.

  • October 31

    Celebrate safely with your four-legged ghouls and goblins tonight.

  • October 31

    Celerate safely with your feline familiars tonight.


Memes are fun posts that pair funny images with text, and often take advantage of popular culture topics. These posts are intended to provide fun and personality for your social outreach, creating shareable content that can bring more people to your page.

  • Summer

    Welcome to the dog days of summer.

  • Anytime

    Sometimes you just have to wonder what the heck our pets are thinking about ...

  • Spring

    Has the change in season added extra spring in your step?

  • Spring

    Spring = More sun. More sun = better naps. Yep, spring is cat approved.

  • Monday

    Who else wants to go back to bed? 

  • Anytime

    Having a pet is a serious responsibility (but with serious perks).

  • Valentine's Day

    Wishing you a very poetic Valentine’s Day.

  • Winter

    Dog days of summer? More like dog days of winter.

  • Winter

    Maybe your cat will even share the blankets … maybe.

  • Holiday

    What are you getting for your fur baby this holiday?

  • Holiday

    Naughty or nice, everyone deserves a treat during the holidays!

  • Anytime

    We all need alone time every now and then...

  • Anytime

    Cats. They fill your heart, and pretty much anywhere you want to sit.

  • Pre-Weekend

    It's almost here …

  • Saturdays

    Best day of the week!

  • Mondays

    Don't let Mondays dog you.

  • Anytime

    Dogs always provide unconditional love, bad hair days and all.

  • Anytime

    Don't say it unless you mean it.

DIY Photo Frames

If you have photo-editing software, you can easily overlay these fun frames on images of your own adoptable pets. This can help you feature different pets in a fun way to help get images shared and increase that pet’s chances of finding a forever home. When you download the PNG file, you will see there is a transparent area. Using photo editing software, simply place this image on top of your pet image to see the pet in the frame.

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